May 13, 2014 admin General Gossip

Stormy and wet today, but when the clouds parted and the shone shone, wow was it warm ! Got loads of tidying done, and got to sit for a while and watch the buds ripen. Going to be a very good year for roses, I think.

Tomorrow our bees arrive. Not the kind that produce honey, but little ones, very friendly in a beeish kind of way. Our girls will work hard in all the gardens around, ( a 2 mile radius approx. )and pollinate all the flowers. They will work themselves to death, and then the queen will hibernate, and in the spring she will fly off and start anew somewhere else. Seemingly the new Queen never comes back to the nest of┬áher birth, but finds a new home. Therefore we have to order and pay for a new lot every year. A major expense I’m afraid, but worth it.

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