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May 9, 2014 admin General Gossip

Wow, I have a comment on the comments page. Its a bit technical for me, but I will let Matt know and he can sort it. But it means that this web site has reached one person. Managed to get some gardening done today, but I have noticed that one of my lilies is flowering. Its a variety that  only flowers in October. So no idea whats going on there !

Garden is looking lush, and I hope it stays that way for open day. Not long now until the 25th ! Its a shame that most of the tulips are over now, and its very windy today so the last tulips will be petal less by tonight. Found a good few slugs. Some, I swear were 4 inches long. They have been disposed of.

wish I was a better photographer

wish I was a better photographer

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