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May 5, 2014 admin General Gossip

As its a bank holiday, we are not gardening,, not here anyway, But tomorrow is allotment. Planted on/in our allotment is  ( so far)

a greengage tree.                      gooseberries        strawberries

Blackcurrant bushes                  potatoes                garlic

redcurrant bushes                       onions                  khol rabi

peas                                            french beans        asparagus

and loads of weeds. Tomorrow will be clearing the last bed of weeds and planting more peas, dwarf runner beans, and savoy cabbage.And hopefully picking the asparagus. I am thinking of planting asparagus peas alongside the ordinary peas. Rather an experiment for us, as we have never grown it. I will try to remember to take some photos as well


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