Pancake day

February 17, 2015 admin General Gossip

garden now 001_Smallgarden now 002_Smallgarden now 003_SmallSun is shinning, and the great spring clear up has begun. Needless to say that all the compost bins, and the recycling bin are full to the brim. The yellow crocus’s are out, as are the snow flakes and the snow drops and some primulas. The hellebores still look lovely, and I think it’s a bit early, but I swear the sparrows are building nests. Taken a good look at the grass paths and they will need a fair bit of work to bring them up to scratch. Also the bridges and the decking need a good coat of green timber care stuff. So that’s the¬†few weeks booked.

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  • Ren says:

    Hellebores are some of my favourite. Called snow flowers in Austria they would come out from underneath the snow and you knew spring is on its way.

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