raining again

August 17, 2014 admin General Gossip

Spent all day yesterday in the garden. First day for, what feels like ages. Dead headed, took loads of cuttings and semi cleared the bed nearest the back door. Somehow I had let it become much too overgrown with creeping Jenny. I Think I will put in more geraniums when I get the chance. Also ordered a couple of plants  from bluebell nursery. These might go in the cleared bed. I ordered a sea lavender. I saw one in a garden last week, and fell in love. I am also in the process of creating a winter habitat for the hedgehog and other misc. wild life. We have a dark dead area in the back of the garden under the wisteria and the apple tree, and I am piling up twigs and logs and hollyhock stems. I may get some straw as well.

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