Lilies, newts and squirrels

June 18, 2014 admin General Gossip

Great weather yesterday. Wendy and I were going to install the new fountain pump in the small pond, and lo and behold, our newts have had babies!! Lots of them. So installation of pump will have to wait. We also now have a squirrel that visits the garden. No idea where he/hers drey is but I suspect it could be in the fir tree. Our weird and wonderful lilies are now flowering. They look almost toxic, and I love them. Went out yesterday and bought  3 bags of stones to put in the bottom of the new pond. We hope that a layer of stones at the bottom will help the wildlife. Really proud of what we have achieved in this garden. Next ambition, is to see dragon flies around the pond. Now that would be rather speciallilies

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